“Karl has been instrumental in many of the most important career, business and organisational decisions that I have made – including recruiting me as CFO to Greencore, coaching me through the succession process to CEO, and working to reshape the composition of our Board.”

Patrick Coveney. Chief Executive Greencore plc.

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Mentoring of CEOs and chairs

For most leaders who run large complex organisations, it’s not just a job, it’s something they do seven days a week. Their waking hours, and even some of their sleeping hours are devoted to the organisation. The stress and pressure that is applied to them, and that they put themselves under, is huge. We support leaders in order to finely tune them. To do this we work with them on their external performance but also on what is happening inside them.

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Board level appointments

We have more than 25 years’ experience of making CEO and board level appointments. We do this in two different roles (1) by conducting the search and conclude with the appointment or (2) advise the selection/nomination committee. We advise on the process, search quality, candidate assessment, facilitate the Committee’s decision process to appointment. We are the honest brokers.

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Succession planning

In our experience the majority of organisations do not have a realistic succession plan which is capable of being successfully implemented. This leads to crises management, business interruption and frequent sub optimal appointments. We have extensive experience of creating and managing succession plans for many different types of organisation.

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Career Change for Senior Leaders

On average a senior leader remains in their role for 5 years. We advise and mentor on career management. From the psychological transition, understanding your value and skills, market opportunities, honing realistic expectations to practical matters like CV and interview preparation.

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