“Karl has led several key assignments for Paddy Power over the last ten years.

“Karl most recently assisted the Board with the process to find my successor as Chief Executive. We had appointed an international recruitment firm, but also asked Karl to advise the Board through the process. Whilst we did not know specifically when and where Karl would be particularly important to our deliberations, we wanted to add his experience and judgement to what would be such an important decision for the Board. As it happened, he played a key role on several occasions in the process – which, having worked with him closely over the last decade, did not surprise me in the least.

Karl is considered and insightful, has deep experience, is an excellent judge of talent, a good challenger, and a great partner to have in any process.”

Patrick Kennedy.  Chief Executive Paddy Power plc 2005-2015, Director Bank of Ireland plc.


‘I have known Karl well for ten years. He has been instrumental in many of the most important career, business and organisational decisions that I have made – including recruiting me as CFO to Greencore, coaching me through the succession process to CEO, and working to reshape the composition of our Board. He brings candour, empathy, impressive values, wide business experience, and a long term relationship approach to all of his dealings.  In particular, I value the specific insight that he has on the work style, motives, and needs of senior level business leaders. Simply put, Karl is a ‘go to guy’ for me on critical career and personal development matters.’

Patrick Coveney, Chief Executive Greencore plc.


“I have worked with Karl on a number of important projects for different organisations over the past seven years. He has a deep understanding and experience of business and people. He is calm, logical and supportive even in the greatest of crises. Karl gets the personal and professional at top leadership level and advises wisely with consideration given to both. He is a person I trust for top level support and advice.”

Dan O’Connor, Director Glanbia plc & CRH plc, Chairman International Personal Finance. Former Chairman AIB plc.